The value and purpose of an edged weapon can be manifold: practical, symbolic, social or personal.
In the past it was a tool for war, civilian combat, a symbol of social standing and for showing-off in social settings. Today it can be a tool for test-cutting, HEMA sparring, reenactment and for showing-off still.

In the modern world, everything is produced cheaply and efficiently in large quantities. Things are functional and designed for a capitalistic economy without soul. However, there is still a longing in all of us for something made with thought, soul and passion.

For ultimately there is no happiness in a world in which things are not as good as they can be.​1​

Eric Gill

My Work

The artisan invests his time in the product and infuses it with life, ornament is organic and gives its owner a sense of possessing something valuable. In craftsmanship, function, beauty and personalisation go hand in hand and something unique is the outcome. This was the paradigm in the past that I want to revive with my work.

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    Gill E. An Essay on Typography. Sheed and Ward, Great Britain; 1931.